Welcome to Southern Arizona Structures, LLC

Arizona Registrar of Contractors License Numbers:

289023 KB-2 General Contractor 

309129 KA Dual Engineering  
Southern Arizona Structures LLC can save you money and loss of valuable time by assisting you with all of your steel building projects. Large or small, from a commercial metal building to a basic shop or utility structure, our experienced designers and engineers will help you develop and produce the building that will meet your needs and your local code requirements. Get your project started by contacting Southern Arizona Structures and let us help you create the building you will have for a lifetime.
Pre-engineered steel buildings are a standard form of construction in the building industry. Southern Arizona Structures has the experience and knowledge to assist you, from initial design to completion of your project.
Today we are able to take advantage of the basic concepts of pre-engineered steel buildings (speed and low cost), and use them to build structures that meet and exceed industry standards. Our design experts can help you utilize these basic concepts and incorporate them into your project. You will be amazed at the reduction in costs and the time saved when you use Southern Arizona Structures on your next building project.